Marit Solum Smaaskjær
Marit Solum Smaaskjær

The Moods of the Forest

I get my inspiration from the forest that starts where our veranda ends at Åskollen in Drammen, where I live and work.
- It is the mysterious that catches my attention, she says. Something strange, the light, something broken. Especially trees with snow inspire me. The outdoor space, most often the forest, with endless variations and sizes accommodates everything from predictability to chaos.

I have my background from the advertising industry, with over 20 years both as a creative and in management. Today I work as a visual artist and as a teacher at Nydalen Art School. My artistic expression is mainly in drawing and painting. I am a member of NBK and BBK.
With my art I want to convey the adventurous experience of old forest. The fairytale forest. The Norwegian forest with old, large trees that stretch towards the light. The forest carpet with countless plants and the soft moss. All the beautiful hues, light, shadows and silence. I seek peace, presence, experiences and enjoy the old forest in my immediate area. I want to convey the expression of the forest, which also reflects human feelings and moods.

The project is also about how important the forest is to us. The forest protects us from extreme weather, protects against the effects of climate change. The forest is home to many thousands of species of fungi, plants and animals. And not to mention the healing effect for us who "walk into" the forest!

I research, process and compile impressions of nature. It is the outdoor space, most often the forest with endless variations and sizes. A place that holds everything from predictability to chaos. The line is my most important tool in the works, I research in depth and directions. Working with thin layers, many lines, layer upon layer and often my inner mood can be read in the lines. With the large formats, I want the viewer to be able to "walk in" and feel the presence of the forest.

The cotton canvas I draw on is strong canvas

The pencils range from powerful B8 to hard and sharp H2. The motif is from the forest, is visited as often as I can in the process. I have photos and sketches available at all times. When a line is drawn, it is there forever. The power of the line is important, my energy and inner mood can be read on the screen.

Portraits of trees

Works with studies of the forest in the immediate area. The forest's many expressions are motivation for the portraits of trees and how nature destroys / challenges the forest around us. The trees bend down, stretch towards the light, carry heavily and some fall over. Has recently drawn forest drawings with felt-tip pens on paper. Now I am in the process of enlarging the work with ink and white gesso / primer on linen canvas. A simple and clean expression, line upon line, layer upon layer.

Marit Solum Smaaskjær
Kniveåsen Terrasse 49, 3036 Drammen. Mobil 41040288